La Sala Montjuic (outdoor cinema) – Barcelona

Montuic Castle Gardens

Sala Montjuic, the outdoor cinema in Barcelona happens during the height of summer but before it gets so hot you get roasted like a potato in your own skin – July I’m talking about.

2011’s schedule was In the loop, Nosferatu, The Dark Knight, Where the Wild Things Are, Inglourious Basterds (English with Spanish subtitles). Also, A Prophet and Leonera (in foreign with Spanish subtitles). All films are the original version with Spanish subtitles where necessary. So good for practising your Castillano if you are half way there as at least half of the programme is in English.

At 21hrs music such as jazz quartets, flamenco, gyspy swing and pop fusion outfits provide you with a little light whatsit before the actual performance begins – which is usually about 22hrs/22.15hrs.

To get there, there is a free shuttle service from Placa Espana from 20.30hrs, but you could also take the teleferico (cable car) from metro stop Parallal or walk up from either El Raval or Placa Espana – in about 30 or so minutes. It’s a lovely walk and better than squeezing onto the shuttle bus amongst a couple of hundred noisy buggers.It is also possible to drive or cycle up, but best to get there early in order to secure a parking spot.

The ambiance there is truly wonderful. Held in the grounds of the castillo atop Montjuic, you are in a for an absolutely magical experience.

Take a picnic, a blanket to sit on and warm clothes to put on as the sun goes down and the temperature goes with it.

Films show Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the first week in July and the first week in August.

Costs €5 to get in.

Truly the best of Barcelona.

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