La Sifoneria cider bar and restaurant – Cangas de Onis

San Pelayo, 28
Cangas de Onís

I fell in love with La Sifoneria the moment I laid my weary black-rimmed goth eyes upon it. Even though the landlord wasn’t particularly friendly. Even though the food wasn’t the best I had tried. Even though there wasn’t much for vegetarians. Even though there was no wi-fi. Even though Sweep wasn’t allowed to sit inside. And although it mainly serves cider.

La Sifoneria looks utterly beautiful. Quaint, traditional, quirky and cluttered, but unpretentious. From the rows of siphons that decorate the glass front to the counter heaving with plates of food and stuff. It’s the kind of little place you’d see in an arty film. Visually, it is perfect. Effortlessly quaint with a smattering of divinely lazy quirkiness thrown in. Can you tell I liked it?

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to sit inside due to our four-legged companion, he who must be obeyed, Sweep Osito. So I contented myself with sitting outside and peering in at every available opportunity to drink in the paraphernalia that gives character to the duck egg blue walls. The slightly crooked pictures that cluttered the walls with no attention given to their placement or spacing.

Old white tiles climb half the walls as ceiling fans vie mechanically for your attention as they rotate like the propellers of languid fighter planes. A backlit top shelf glitters with multicoloured siphons. And gleaming copper contraptions for making famous Asturian cider sit like vintage robots.

We arrived at completely the wrong time (afternoon) and the full array of pinxchos wasn’t available. We settled for a couple of tasty but not special pinxchos just to humour me, as I was utterly smitten by the place and had to find an excuse to linger longer.

I’m no longer a drinker as a lifetime spent marinating myself in alcohol is now firmly behind me, thank the gods, so the cider was of no interest to me, but I’m assured by those not accustomed to the acidic taste of Asturian cider, that it tastes pretty disgusting. The terms ‘piss’ and ‘vinegar’ were used in the description, which are words only really welcome when describing piss or vinegar.

However, we did partake in clara sins (alcohol free beer with lemonade) to wash down our comestibles.

Overall, the atmosphere was stunningly beautiful, even though we were the only customers. Everything else was fine, although nothing that will have you polishing your trumpet ready to deliver a jaunty fanfare.

Not recommended for vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists or health food proponents looking for fodder, but go just to take some pictures and suck in some atmosphere. So it now. That’s an order.

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