La Taguara Areperia – El Born, Barcelona

La Taguara

Carrer Rec 10

For a quick and exceptionally vegetarian-friendly (meat served too) on the vegetarian hoof, come to La Taguara Venezuelan areperia in El Born.

An arepa is a squashy pocket made of maize (aka corn) and then stuffed with various items. They stem from Venezuela and other South American countries.

At La Taguara, they come stuffed with a variety of amalgamations including the following vegetarian options such as platano y queso (plantain and cheese) which costs €3.50; or a vegetariana – which consists of sautéed vegetables and €3.75; la tropical contains Guyanan cheese with tomatoes and avocado and costs €3.75; la domino with black beans and yellow cheese for €3.25; and finally a queso Guyanes with cheese which costs €3.

Your choice of arepa is quickly prepared and wrapped in paper and then you can smother it with one or all of the following salsas that are available such as garlic and parsley; avocado; piquant, cilantro (coriander) or maize (corn).

There are lots of options with meat if you are in the company of a carnivore.

They also have fresh juices such as tamarind, peach, pineapple and mango. They aren’t freshly prepared whilst you wait but are in jugs on the counter. All the juices cost €2.50.

The interior is very attractive with bright scarlet walls decorated with South American tat, decrepit objet d’art and stuff it looks like they nicked from a Latino grandmother.

There are no seats, but there are wooden bars to lean against and magazines to read. There are also a few chairs outside (and to the left). They don’t belong to La Taguara but if your limbs are aching from pootling around the city, it’s somewhere to park your arse cheeks.

Really quick and tasty fodder, although they don’t allow dogs in – which is disappointing, particularly if you are a dog or carer there of. With Sweep being the former and us being the latter.


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