La Tastaolletes vegetarian restaurant – Valencia


In the north of old Valencia (a few moments walk from the grass ‘rio’) you will find La Tastaolletes Cuina Vegetariana. A clean and modern little place with white and purple  walls and black tables and chairs. Modern photographic images – that are also for sale – decorate the walls.

The staff is curt by friendly enough. Typical of vegetarian restaurants the world over, the service is a bit slow and the staff seem slightly dotty when it comes to providing things like menus to customers and other fundamental concepts.

The menu is surprisingly creative and has a whole section of salads such as goat cheese (with mixed leaves, berries, rocket, pine nuts and zucchini); marinated tofu (with lettuce hearts, zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, corn salad and rocket); seaweed (mixed leaves, arama, sea noodles, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, corn salad, bean sprouts and orange dressing); flowers (mixed leaves, edible flowers, zucchini, corn salad, bean sprouts, carrot, nango and lemon dressing); Tastaolletes (mixed leaves, avocado, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts and house dressing; or a rice salad (basmati and wild rice, avocado, pineapple, mango, raisins, pine nuts and coconut milk dressing). Salads range between €8 and €9.

Vegetarian tapas range from €5 to €10 and include guacamole with nachos, potatoes with a picant sauce, hummus with pitta, fried goat cheese with fig jam, falafel with tzatziki, Mexican fajita (made with soya), vegetable croquettes and cured goat and ewe cheese served with sun-dried tomatoes.

Hot main courses consist of a moussaka (made with soya); mushroom lasagne, vegetable curry lasagne, and a couple of pasta dishes. Prices for mains are between €9.50 and €12.

Vegan friendly dishes = guacamole, hummus and potatoes for tapas; most of the salads and the vegetable curry lasagne (which is made with soya milk). Vegan dishes are indicated on the menu.

Desserts cost €5 and you can pick from cheesecake with berries, pumpkin cake with honey, carob tiramisu, several ice creams or a vegan apple cake with oatmeal.

There are a couple of organic red wines but strangely no whites or roses. I don’t drink booze no more – so I don’t give a shit.

There’s a good range of tea from pu’erh to gunpowder green, hibiscus, various green teas, camomile and a few standards.

They were fairly busy when I arrived and despite there being a few folk standing around looking like staff, only one bird seemed to be actually waiting the tables. She seemed like a good egg and so I didn’t mind the wait much and once I’d ordered the food came really quickly.

I had the Ensalada de Algas (seaweed salad) which is so me. It was massive and thoroughly delicious. Very light too. Some of the seaweed was cooked but it still gets a big raw vegan thumbs up from me. Cos it does. The second time I went back for the seaweed salad – the very next day – I asked for avocado and they gave me a decent portion and didn’t charge me any extra.

The best salad I’ve ever eaten in Spain.

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