La Tete – teashop and café – Gothic Quarter, Barcelona


An impressive but not overwhelming collection of teas await your tea-ste buds at La Tete. A teashop where low lights and brightly coloured walls might just inveigle you in if you are the kind of chap that is inveigled in by the sight of  low level lighting and coloured walls. That or the teapot and homemade paper light in the window.

The tea menu is separated into types such as infusions, greens, reds, blacks, aromatic, fruit teas and classic teas.

There are Arabic style teas with black tea, peach and nectarine; Kenyan black teas; rosemary teas, Earl Greys, a spicy Rooibosh, pu-erh tea, various greens, chai teas, spiced green tea, Chinese gunpowder, Nepalese tea, Darjeeling from India, Ceylon tea, tea made from eucalyptus, mint or camomile. Prices start from €2. Teas are served in large white jugs (which has nothing at all to do with Christine Hendricks) and so you get at least two or three cups from your pot.

Other drinks include the usual array of beers, wines, coffees, cappuccinos, and hot chocolates.

If you’re stomach is telling you it’s up for a snack then there are one or two options on the menu for vegetarians. I didn’t eat here so I can’t support these claims. I followed the scent of tea and big white jugs.

So if you’re a vegetarian in the market for a sandwich then you can have either an Inagua which contains avocado, celery, tomato and carrot; or a Waslala with avocado and cheese. Sandwiches are either €3.80 or €4.80.

They have Spanish-style toasts too (torrades) with a vegetarian – the Picasso – which is topped with butter, banana, cheese and cinnamon. If you want ordinary toast then they have options with just oil and garlic or with tomato (Catalan-style) or with butter and jam.

Salads cost €6 and come in various vegetarian-friendly and quite creative amalgamations such as goat cheese, raisins, spinach and pine nuts.

They have smoothies (some made with milk) that cost €3.90 for 500ml. Examples include apple and banana; orange and mango; milk, avocado, banana and cinnamon or lemon, melon, ginger and sugar (I’m sure you could get them to swap the sugar for honey [miel]); or banana, chocolate and milk.

Friendly staff too. Although pretty cold in there in darkest Feb.

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