La Veronica pizza restaurant – Barcelona


Rambla del Raval 2-4

And various locations around Barcelona.

La Veronica is unfortunately all about the trendy design but unfortunately it doesn’t follow through with the goods, sadly the end product is massively disappointing.

Spain is one of the most awesome countries in the world ever. It’s divinely beautiful, diverse and has a climate and mountain ranges to die for. But when it comes to food, they should really stick to Spanish food (as they generally do). Global food in Spain is mostly knickers. Great sagging mismatched back of the draw knickers. I’m not sure why this is. There’s loads of Italians in Barcelona. Surely some of them must be chefs.

Pizza in Spain in no way resembles Italian pizza. Except in name.  It’s rough.

The menu is impressively creative, so they’ve tried hard bless ‘em. They just can’t seem to carry it off. And there are also a number of more traditional varieties.

There are also a couple of salads but they too are slightly deficient of taste. Sad really.

The staff are friendly enough but lack the care and attention.

If you aren’t put off, there are a couple of options for vegetarians. A good place to meet friends, not such a good spot to eat pizza. It’s ok and earns points for some of its unique toppings (such as apple), but it’s not the delicious crispy stuff you might be hoping for.

La Veronica has a likeable trendy atmosphere with clinical white tables and is generally candlelit. Sadly it is often ruined (for me) with dance music.

I’ve never eaten really good pizza in Barcelona, but the best I’ve found is at Mucci’s (nearby, alson in El Raval) and Pizza Del Born which is shockingly in El Born.

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