La Vietnamita – Barcelona

Torrent de l’Olla, 78
Monday – Wednesday
13:30hrs -17:00hrs
19:00hrs – 23:00hrs

13:30hrs -17:00hrs
19:00hrs -24:00hrs

Friday – Saturday
13:30hrs – 00:00hrs

13:30hrs -23:00hrs

As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, finding good quality non-Spanish food in Spain can be a challenge. Even in a city as cosmopolitan as Barcelona.

La Vietnamita (the little Vietnamese in English) vends fresh and authentic Vietnamese fast-food with a couple of options for vegetarians and vegans that are definitely worth checking out if tasty cooked vegetarian food is what you are in need of.

According to the website La Vietnamita is passionate about the food and all dishes are prepared using authentic Asian ingredients in order to create light and healthy dishes full of colour and contrasts. I’m all for a bit of that. I’m often all for a lot of that.

And their comestibles are available to either eat in or to take away (para llevar).

Dishes suitable for vegetarians are as follows:

A simple healthy dish of rice, salad and fresh Vietnamese herbs. (Menu changes everyday)

Changing daily, this spicy dish includes rice, salad and fresh Vietnamese herbs.

Pho is the national dish of Vietnam and is a big bowl of hot soup served with (you guessed it) rice, salad and fresh spices and herbs.

Báhn mì Chay
A bahn is a Vietnamese sandwich. This vegetarian option involves a filling of tofu and cilantro (coriander). This is disgustingly tasty, and delivered so quickly that you’ll think they started preparing your order before you finished ordering it, and it’s cheap too.

If you still fancy something duuurtty, you can indulge in a classic Asian dessert of either coconut rice, fresh fruit or a Che Chuoi, which is a dish consisting of banana, coconut milk and tapioca. It costs €2.90. And there is a chocolate mousse if you’ve had enough of Asian classics.

They offer a menú del dia (daily fixed menu) between Monday and Friday which costs €9.90 and includes a choice of main dish, dessert and a drink.

Good stuff all in all.


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