Lady Blues vegetarian-friendly restaurant – Sitges

Carrer de Sant Pau 11

Opens at 13hrs for lunch and 20hrs for dinner.

Lady Blues is the closest Sitges has got to a vegetarian restaurant. It all begins and ends here. It’s not vegetarian at all, it serves meat to naughty carnivores too, but it does have something that makes it somewhat unique – a vegetarian menu del dia (menu of the day). This includes two courses plus bread and a drink and involves you parting company with a pretty paltry €12.50.

Vegetarians can select from the likes of goat cheese and courgette fritters; tabouleh with peach, apricot and almonds; crepes stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and béchamel sauce; pasta al pesto; quiche with mushrooms and mascarpone; pasta with green asparagus; ratatouille with poached egg; Caesar salad; lentil ‘meatballs’ and watermelon gazpacho. You choose two of these dishes (one for starter and one for main). All the dishes seem to be pretty similar in size. The price also includes bread that is freshly made on the premises.

Desserts incur an additional penalty but as we are avoiding sugar, we opted to leave instead.

It’s a small and cosy little restaurant with the kind of cool, unassuming jazzy ambience that makes you wish you’d brought a pair of velour slippers with you and a tank top. The service is excellent, as in good, fast by Spanish standards, involves smiling and is unobtrusive. You are attended to but you don’t feel like you are being interrogated by the military police. The lime green walls might sound terrifying but they are not. And the small wooden tables give it a cosy old feel.

Healthy and tasty food, not far from the beach with a section for vegetarians (with a couple of vegan friendly options)  that is imaginative and well thought out – and at decent prices. It’s enough to make you want to eat healthy food all the time. There’s a thought.

You won’t find anything else like this in Sitges at the present time. Sadly. Although, nearby (approx 1 hour by train) Barcelona caters well for vegetarians and vegans.

Once you’ve eaten, you can take a stroll down to the beach, but two minutes walk and take in some vitamin D or just moonbathe, depending on whether you just ate lunch or dinner.

A great place in Sitges and a real find for vegetarians, vegans and health food fans.

Sadly, the closest thing they have for raw food vegans is Caesar salad, which you could order sans croutons.

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