Lake Senet in Pictures

A creeping mist swirled about the abandoned house at Lake Senet in the early morning.


Our night at Lake Senet was a very eventful one, not least due to darkness, tiredness and some bad driving decisions.


As the darkness waned the mountains cast off their misty shrouds.


And the house became visible...


And the lake looked splendid from the unfinished verandah of the abandoned house.


Sweep enjoyed the early start. He always turns blurry when he's excited.


The sun came up very slowly from behind the surrounding peaks but ‘Ditchgate’ soon became very evident.


Yes, I'd been a complete bumberclart (sic).


After some handicraft and a bit of swearing Denny was freed.


Time for one last photo...


And we were on our way again.

If you’d prefer a hotel rather than parking in a ditch you could always click here to find one in Vielha, just 20km away.

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