Las Medulas, Leon in Pictures

One of the teeth at Las Medulas, Leon

The Roman mines at Las Medulas are ringed by these teeth. It is a dramatic looking site set amid beautiful greenery.


An old tree at Las Medulas, Leon

The crater inside the rock teeth is filled with age old trees which are somehow still standing despite their hollow innards. Many are fallen giving the site an almost battleground feel. Las Medulas is a wonderful, diverse place to visit.


Hollow tree at Las Medulas, Leon

Another good example of the hollowed trees at Las Medulas. The UNESCO heritage site is a natural treasure trove and a visual feast.


The red rock inside the mines at Las Medulas up close.

The mines glow bright red in the sun and the walls up close appear to be formed of sandstone.


Inside the mines at Las Medulas

In the shade the redness fades and the mines appear more pink. It is dangerous to enter the mines due to falling rocks.


Las Medulas from a nearby peak

The area around Las Medulas is a national park with a lot of good walks. This is the view from one of the nearby peaks.


Las Medulas from on high

A panoramic view of the Las Medulas site. Stunning.


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