Las Papas cheap food – Malaga

Calle Granada

Finding super cheap vegetarian or vegan food in Spain isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be a bit of dull challenge at times.

So Las Papas in Malaga is a bit of a find. They basically do baked potatoes hot from the oven, wrapped in foil and with a choice of fillings. Now baked potatoes in England and the US generally come with butter and so bless the Spanish for serving theirs with either butter or olive oil – making them very vegan friendly. We like that, we do. Us.

A simple baked potato served with salt and pepper costs a very agreeable €1.90. If you want olive oil as well, as the first option does sound like trying to swallow a pillow with a dry mouth, you will need to part with €2.70. That’s quite a hefty jump in price for a bit of oil – but still, it’s still cheap by comparison to most other things available. The price for salt, pepper and butter is the same as with oil.

There are also many other options but most seem to feature jamon (ham) or atun (tuna fish) although you could probably bargain yourself a vegetarian or vegan version.

For example the Papa features salt, pepper, mayo, tomato, ham, sweet corn, cheese, carrot, beetroot, tuna and olives. I’m sure you could swap the ham out or mix it about a bit – they are generally good like that in Spain. Not like in England where swapping items often courses offence and is accompanied by self harming or a stab in the eye with the chef’s biro.

There is nowhere to sit but it’s but a sparrow’s small fart from a lovely square where you can sit amongst trees and look at the pretty lights.

It’s not raw, it’s not entirely healthy but it’s cheap and warming fodder and sometimes that might be just what you need. Especially in winter when the evenings are cool.


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