Latuca all-you-can-eat-buffet – Barcelona


Lactuca buffet restaurant - Barcelona



Rambla Catalunya, 8
933 01 89 89


Ronda Sant Pere, 17
933 01 09 80


C/ Provença, 427
934 36 46 42

Latuca is a chain of eat-as-much-as-you-like buffets similar in ‘vision’ and quality to the omnipresent Fresco. The interior is superior to Fresco – with its classic neon white clinical tiles and tables and the layout is altogether more desirable, but the concept and price are very similar and sadly, the quality of the food isn’t too good (much like Fresco).

It’s a great shame as the salad buffet can be the difference between eating and not eating for the raw vegan or healthy tourist, but the quality of the vegetables at these places it seems is generally quite low. They look fine and the concept is great but but they taste weak and watery. Still, it’s still salad and it’s healthier than much of the stuff you can find elsewhere.

So the buffet itself consists of a long salad bar, plus pasta, pizza, rice dishes, a choice of soup and a dessert.

Soups are generally vegetarian and include options such as the ever present gazpacho (cold tomato soup), onion soup, lentil soup or cream of mushroom.

Pastas generally involve some kind of meat or salmon but there is also a four cheese variety or a basic pomodoro (tomato) sauce served in its longest and thinnest form aka spaghetti.

You can pick a dessert such as baked apples (I don’t think I’ve ever been in a vegetarian restaurant/buffet in Spain that doesn’t serve baked apple for dessert), mousse, yogurt with fruit and a selection of cakes and tarts.

Like I said, the concept at Latuca is great – if only the quality was better. However, if you are on a budget and less picky than dreadful food snobs (like me), then you can certainly fill yourself up with a bundle of tucker at a fairly reasonable price.

The cost is between €8.95 and €10.95 depending on the time of day, day of the week etc and includes a drink such as water, coffee, beer or wine.


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