Lavomatic, Las Chapas, Costa del Sol

Lavomatic at Las Chapas, Costa del Sol

One of the problems with ‘roughing it’ in a campervan is the lack of washing facilities. Every so often we stop off at a campsite to use their washing machines and take a good hot shower. Finding a launderette is a boon and saves money on camping so when we came across Lavomatic at Las Chapas, Costa del Sol we knew we were onto a winner.

Lavomatic can be found on the N-340 on the westbound carriage. It is a few kilometres past Cabopino on the same site as a Repsol garage. In truth it’s nothing more than a small conservatory type building with one wall dedicated to washing machines and dryers opposite a table and a few chairs.

Prices are pretty reasonable with each machine capable of holding up to 14kg of washing. For a half-load (8kg) the cost is 4.50 euros and a full load (14kg) is 7.50 euros. The dryers cost 3.00 euros for every 25 mins.

If you can’t be bothered to sit and watch the machines endlessly spinning there are some cafés at Elviria which is only 10 minutes walk away (I recommend Elviria’s Deliread here) or for the carnivores out there you can buy chicken and/or chips at the place directly behind Lavomatic.

Lavomatic at Las Chapas, Costa del Sol

Lavomatic (the launderette) at Las Chapas, Costa del Sol - a bit of a god send.

For those who are trying to unplug from society a little more but still have the need of some domestic luxuries, Lavomatic is a godsend. I have seen some people using small 230v washing machines at campsites (a plastic dome that spins very slowly and only takes small loads) and I wonder if there’s a 12v equivalent – something you can be sure to read about if I find one.

There is always the option to hand wash as well and if you go that route please try to find non-toxic washing liquid so as to preserve the environment.

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