Llao Llao frozen yogurt bar – Sitges

Calle Parellades

Along with Enrich, Llao Llao is Sitges’ saving grace when it comes to lovely dirty vegetarian treats. It’s a fashionable frozen yoghurt bar and so it’s not exactly a balanced meal, but it tastes thoroughly bloody divine and apparently it’s better for you than standard ice cream. Well, that’s what they would have us believe.

The guys that run Llao Llao are particularly friendly and some of them, if not all of them speak excellent English. Not that you need English as the menus are clear and bright, but you can always use the international sign for desiring something by pointing a finger at what you want if all else fails.

There are a number of combinations to select from but the best combo ever is the medium-sized frozen yoghurt with fresh mango, and with a mango and dark chocolate topping. Sheer bastard bliss. I insist you try this combination, even if you don’t like yoghurt, mango and/or chocolate. Eat it while you can as I’ll be copyrighting it soon.

Unfortunately the frozen yoghurt only comes in natural – not like the US stores that do green tea and pomegranate but they are still a welcome change from the general ice cream bars (heladerias) that are everywhere in Spain.

They do a number of other options, such as fruit and yoghurt shakes and chocolate and coconut smoothie – which I had to try in the name of research for this website. The other unbeatable menu item is the granizado de lemon. A granizado is like a snow cone or a slush puppie. They are widely available in Spain throughout the long summers, but the Llao Llao granizado is superior than any other I’ve tried – and I’ve tried a lot – and contains real lemon bits. Feel the love. I doubt it counts for 1 of your five a day, but they do taste darn good, particularly if you’ve worked up a sweat trying to find some vegetarian food.

For vegans, you can ask for just fruit (they generally have watermelon, mango, kiwi fruit, peach, melon and banana) topped with crushed almonds and drizzled with honey. It’s not on the menu but the Llao Llao staff aim to please.

During the cooler months, Llao LLao’s menu consists of stunning thick and dark hot chocolates (best in Sitges by a mile), crepes stuffed with fruit, warm chocolate brownies served with frozen yogurt (of course) and cheesecakes. Roll on Winter.

Another point in Llao Llao’s favor is that they always give Sweep a little pot of natural yoghurt all of his furry own – which he loves. I know dogs shouldn’t eat much dairy, but every now and again and when it’s excessively hot – I turn a blind eye whilst he pushes his yoggy pot around on the floor. Afterall, he’s swallowed entire sticks in the past. That’s so Sweep.

Sweep gives Llao Llao a big paws up because he is also allowed inside. He likes to lie on the cold floor tiles in the summer and cool his tinkie. We all love cooling our tinkies.

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