Llao Llao frozen yogurteria – Barcelona

Calle Boters

Having spent many months living in or near Sitges, I and my petit family of two talls and a small hairy became somewhat accustomed to the benefits of Llao Llao – the frozen yogurtarium.

In fact young Sweep was such a hit with the staff at that particular branch that they regularly gave him a teeny dog-sized pot of his very own in the hot summer months – and didn’t seem to bat a lid when he stretched out on the cool marble floor and cooled his little tinkie.

I’d since encountered Llao Llao in Valencia and Malaga and so wasn’t surprised to bump into Llao Llao in Barcelona. It was bound to happen.

Llao Llao does frozen yogurt and combinations thereof, mostly. Although in the winter when the temperatures drop to a thoroughly freezing 10 degrees in Barcelona they also have a winter menu which consists of brownies (with frozen yogurt), Belgian waffles (with frozen yogurt) and very decent hot chocolates – Spanish style mind you. Not the pissy almost grey looking stuff you get in the UK or Germany (to name a few).

There are a variety of yogurt combinations and different sizes. Small with one topping, medium with two toppings, colossal (you’ll need to be bulimic) with three toppings etc.

You can choose from toppings such as Spanish Smarties (called something racist, which is delightfully Spanish but would be the equivalent to calling M&Ms wog drops in the UK.), fresh chunks of mango or  fresh pineapple, fresh kiwi fruit, muesli, caramelized cookie crumbs, caramelized almonds, fresh banana etc. And add to this a sauce or sauces such as dulce de leche (like caramel), dark chocolate, honey, milk chocolate, white chocolate or mango.

I’ve mentioned it before but I’m a big fan of fresh mango with mango salsa and dark chocolate. You gotta try it. You haven’t lived otherwise.

There are also fruit shakes, smoothies and healthy fruit salads served with (you guessed it) frozen yogurt and granola.

If you’re a vegan you could make up a fruit salad with nuts no problem. If you’re a 97.5% vegan – you could have honey with that, although some of the fruit salsas are no doubt animal product free – but please check.

The interior in Llao Llao is very clean and modern with clinically bright white walls and floors and neon green spoons and logs.


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