Llao Llao frozen yogurteria – Valencia

C/Xativa, 23  46003

I’m more than a little familiar with Llao Llao – as we were regular visitors to the branch in Sitges throughout the summer. Young Mr Sweep was a big fan of the cold marble floor and free fur-sized portions he was given on a hot summer day. They didn’t seem to mind him cooling his tinkie on the floor, after all we all need to cool our tinkies sometimes. FACT.  So the sight of the green logo made me go a bit gooey inside.

Mainly Llao Llao does frozen yogurt and combinations thereof, however in the winter they do pretty tasty hot chocolates (the thick, rich, heavenly Spanish version of the weak, runny, grey stuff we call hot chocolate in the UK).

The yogurt section offers a variety of combinations and different sizes. Small with one topping, medium with two toppings, huge with three toppings etc.

You can choose from toppings such as Spanish Smarties (called something racist, which is delightfully Spanish but would be the equivalent to calling M&Ms wog drops in the UK.), fresh mango, fresh pineapple, fresh kiwi fruit, muesli, caramelized cookie crumbs, caramelized almonds, fresh banana etc. And sauces such as caramel, dark chocolate, honey, milk chocolate, white chocolate or mango.

I’m a big fan of fresh mango with mango salsa and dark chocolate.

There are also fruit shakes, smoothies and healthy fruit salads with yog and muesli.

Vegans could make up a fruit salad with nuts and honey no problem.

On a hot spring, summer, autumn day in Spain you could do a lot worse than get yourself a granizado (slush puppy/snow cone type drink) made with fresh lemon, orange or watermelon.

During the winter they do hot chocolates, brownies and crepes. Generally everything is served with a side order of yogurt. Because it’s a yogurteria.

The interior is very clean, contemporary and clinical in brightest white and neon green. There is an outdoor terrace in the main branch for people watching whilst you dribble white stuff down your chin.  It’s not what you think.

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