Lolita Bakery homemade cakes – El Born, Barcelona

Lolita Bakery - Barcelona


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El Born


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Lolita’s looks good – it looks very good. It has all the makings of a fashionable NYC or London-style cupcakery: it’s cute and girly, everything is beautifully presented, row upon row of cupcakes inveigle you in with what looks like soft powdery sponge topped with whipped and buttery crowns.

They sell cupcakes, tart, cakes, cookies, blondies and brownies. All homemade.

Sponge comes in vanilla, chocolate, carrot or red velvet and frosting is available in cotton candy, almond, hazelnut, blueberry, cappuccino, caramel, cherry, cava, chocolate, cream cheese, cookies and cream, dulce de leche, strawberry, raspberry, passion fruta, mandarin, mango, mint, mocha, nut, macchiato, lemon, melon, pear, pineapple, pistachio and tiramisu.

Lolita cupcakery and bakery - Barcelona

Lolita cupcakery and bakery - Barcelona

They are available in three sizes: bite sized, normal size and XXL (which is big enough for 8 normal eaters; or one portion for a glutton. Two semi-gluttons might share one.)

They also sell cakes that you can order and cost between €25 and €50 depending on the size. The smallest being adequate for 8 people, the gigantic one for 22/24 people – or just me.

They look thoroughly delicious. Sadly, the one I tried was disgusting. Maybe cupcakes shouldn’t come in chocolate and mango flavour? Maybe I should stick to a tried-and-tested variety like red velvet or vanilla but no, I had to get silly. And the result was a cupcake in the bin. The icing was really quite awful and had an aftertaste.

Still the shops are lovely and I probably should have foregone experimentation in favour of a flavour combination that actually works, but I always have to try the weird ones. The only reason I didn’t taste the table leg and ostrich flavour was because I’m a vegetarian.

I suppose I’d better go back there at some point and give them another go – for the sake of research. It’s a dirty job.

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