Lolitas & Sibaritas vegetarian-friendly restaurant – Valencia

Carrer dels Cavallers, 16


I didn’t actually got to Lolitas & Sibaritas in Valencia because I was far too taken with La Tastaolettes (five minutes or so walk away) but I noticed as I walked passed that they had a vegetarian section on their menu.

Items fit for vegetarian consumption were as follows: mixed salad, rocket salad, spinach salad, falafel salad, vegetable couscous, fruit gazpacho, mashed pumpkin, cream of leek and vegetable soup, sautéed mushrooms, vegetable tempura, grilled vegetables, potato bravas and cheese plates.

There were no prices on the menu and no other details other than what I have already given. Strangely uncompelling I know, but you might be desperate and it’s a fat lot more choice than you’ll get in most places.

Check out the website – if you can handle the music – and the images of food look pretty good.

Given the choice I’d go to either Tastaollettes (despite it’s very Spanish opening hours) or Beirut King (also close by) but if for any reason you can’t or won’t then at least you have some options here.

The spinach salad might be just that.

They have a menu del dia but I’m not going to go into detail here as there was no vegetarian option for the main dish.

Inside it is clean and contemporary with both a sunken dining level and a mezzanine. Spot lights provide the above table lighting and the tables themselves are glass and illuminated from below.

If you’ve eaten here, please feel free to let us know what your experience is.

I don’t like to write about places I’ve never been to but I noticed the menu and thought someone might benefit from knowing.

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