L’opera French patisserie and bakery for the best pastries in Malaga

L'Opera French patisserie Malaga - vender of dirty cakes

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L’Opera doesn’t really suggest itself to you as a maker of exceptional pastries and croissants. It is quiet humble looking with its small range of cakes and meringues and what have you. In fact the quality of the pastries at L’Opera is something to be seriously enthusiastic about. The French could  certainly teach the Spanish a thing or two about pastry and croissant making. No offense to the Spannies, but the French seem to be born with the ability to make stupendous croissants and pastries.

Anyway, this unpretentious little bakery sells several types of croissant eg plain old normal croissants, pain au chocolates and the most amazing almond croissants. The almond croissants are chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside and to say they are buttery and melt in the mouth, is somewhat of an understatement.

L'Opera French patisserie in Malaga - sex worthy almond croissants

L'Opera French patisserie in Malaga - sex worthy almond croissants

You can also pick up other types of French style fancies including different varieties of meringue.

L’opera  also sell pasties and hot savoury goods but these all appeared to contain meat or fish.

If you buy yourself an almond croissant from L’opera and find yourself making yummy sounds alone in public with crumbs all over your breasts – don’t blame me.

L'Opera French patisserie in Malaga - duuurrrrty

L'Opera French patisserie in Malaga - duuurrrrty

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