Love is… Bakery – Malaga

Alameda Principal 37

Love is… is a cute little girly bakery, cake shop and café that specialises in sweet things such as fashionable cupcakes, teas, cakes, tarts, brownies, cookies, pastries, breads and things.

Service is courtesy of some lovely young girls – one of which is American and therefore speaks fairly good English.

They have a small range of herbal teas including pu-errh, green tea, matcha, and fruits of the forest. These are served in large glass beakers.

The cupcakes are probably the best I have tasted in Spain so far – where they don’t always master the art of the fluffy bottomed cake. The cupcake was fairly light and the topping was creamy, sweet and plentiful. How I like my men. (Do excuse me. I’m on drugs.)

The prices are very reasonable. Two cupcakes, two teas and a hot chocolate cost €8.40.

They also have free wireless – although I didn’t see any plug sockets but they didn’t seem to mind me surfing away for several hours so long as I drank tea and kept my clothes on.

There is a semi-outdoor terrace area should you wish to be semi-outdoors.

The ambience is, clean. modern and cakeshoppy – very feminine and aimed at girls meeting up for tea and cakes, rather than gruff football fans meeting up to exchange single syllables.

They had not long been open when I visited and therefore there isn’t a website currently. But it’s centrally located and a good spot for a nice bit of tea and cake, should the concept appeal to you, as it did me.

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