Madame Jasmin vegetarian-friendly restaurant – Barcelona

Rambla de Raval, 22
El Raval

Madame Jasmin is a beautiful little place which is mostly bar but also serves some amazing salads. Before I was vegan I used to go here all the time for the goat cheese salad. It’s delicious.

Inside it is close, bordering on claustrophobic, dimly lit, intimate and not too dissimilar to a handsome tart’s living quarters. A thick drape hangs languidly across the front entrance, coloured globes droop from above the bar and fringed curtains are reflected in massive ornate mirrors. The tables are red, the beams are authentic and the vibe is cosy bordering on romantic.

Salads fit for a vegetarian are as follows:

La Gilda love
Tomato, feta cheese, dates, nuts and olives.

La Ocana
Apple, goat cheese, pine nuts and raisins.

La Bibi
vegetarian shamburger (soya) with brie, feta and tomato.

Salads are around €7 each.

I haven’t eaten here for a while but assume they are just as good as I recall.

There are also sandwiches for around €6 but the salads come highly recommended.

It doesn’t have a restaurant vibe but is great for meeting a clandestine lover or some really embarrassing friends – and having a bite to eat whilst retro music caresses your earlobes.

Bang in the middle of Rambla del Raval (on the same side as the fat cat sculpture). There are quite a few cool trendy bars along this stretch of the rambla. Everyone spills out into the square during the summer months.

Great ambience, super salads, good location. Thumbsies up.

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