Mailuna teteria, restaurant and therapy rooms – Barcelona


Carrer de Valldonzella, 48

Occupying a gorgeous big airy space in upper Raval, Mailuna is a a teashop, restaurant, shop and therapy centre where you can indulge yourself in absolute tranquillity. Doing lovely nothingy things has become my middle name the last few days. Beaches, hills, mountains, I’ve been to them all – in order to do nothing when I get there.

Within a massive old space with a mezzanine, exposed brickwork and wooden beams, you can sit and and let candlelight tickle your face as you tuck yourself away into some moments of peace and enjoy healthy tucker, a pot of well-prepared tea or an infusion, whilst the large glass doors allow a little light to flood in. You can see the beautiful blue skies when they are around – which is a lot of the time in Barcelona.

There is a tiny outside space in the summer where a man-made waterfall provides you with a natural counterpoint that will help soothe away any dull aching spots that linger in your mind.

Vegetarian foods are as follows: Provencale-style vegetable tart (€4.50); mushroom and pine nut tart with mixed leaves (€4.90); Greek salad with tofu and sesame (€5.00); Trio of hummus, tapenade and toast (€6.00); and tortellini with fine herbas (€6.00).

There are also meat and fish dishes if you have lowered yourself to remain friends with any dirty carnivore whore or filthy pescetarian lowlife. It takes all sorts to make the world go around.

There are a shit load of desserts such as lemon mousse, red fruit mousse, almond cake, lemon tart, apple tart, pear tart, carrot cake, banana cake, chocolate cookie, lemon cookie, ice creams, sorbets, tiramisu (with Baileys), Belgian truffles or chocolate crepe with cream and orange. Dessert prices range from €2.60 to €3.90. I know… shit loads.

There is an entire menu dedicated to drinks, loads of teas and infusions (reds, greens, whites, fruits), natural juices and alcohol-free cocktails.

Treatments available include hot stone massages, foot massage (I don’t know why they call it a foot massage when they generally do them both), four-handed massage (which is wasted on me as I only have two), vinotherapy, chocolate therapy, general massages of varying durations, pregnancy massages, and Ayuverdic balancing massages. They range from 20 minutes to 90 minutes and from €18 to €130.

Facial treatments include hydration facials, wrinkle treatments, manicures, pedicures, facial reflexology, lympathic drainage, anticellulite treatments and facial cleaning. Prices range from €45.

Additional therapies include homeopathy (€60), transformational coaching (€55), reiki (€55), shiatsu (€55), and naturopathy (€55). All therapy sessions are for a one hour duration.

There are a number of treatment packages such as a 30 minute massage plus a dessert served with an infusion, starting from €36 up to €188.

The shop area (at the front) sells ceremonial oolong teapots, candles, wind-chimes and assorted upmarket hippy shit.

They also have wi-fi.

Expect to hear flamenco, soporific jazz or relaxing and meditative music.

A place to  escape. Even if you can’t afford a treatment or food. A pot of tea and a sit down somewhere calm is rejuvenating and a far cry from the bustle of Barcelona. Watch out for the inexplicable glass subterranean bunkers exhibiting archaeological artefacts as you enter. Don’t avoid the glass like a twat (like I did) it is safe to walk on.

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