Making the Campervan a Home


I recently covered the design and building of the interior for our campervan in a series of articles under ‘Off-Grid‘. They chart the transformation from a panel van into a liveable and for the most part, self-sustaining campervan which would become our home on the road and the reason we’re writing these travel blogs in the first place.

Although the previous articles cover the design and building I haven’t yet invited you to see the finishing touches that mad a shell into a home.

It was a team job and with myself having taken care of constructing the interior it was better left to Calypso to homely it up. Her love of all things 1960s is quite evident and she wanted a colourful living space which looked a little kitsch while still being easy on the eye.

You can see from the pictures that her ideas came to fruition really well (and cheaply).



Our kitchen utensils came from one of the many thousands of Chinese emporiums in Spain while Ikea at Sant Boi provided much of the kitchen shelving, curtains and other soft furnishings.

The bed is dressed in a ‘nanket’; a blanket knitted by a nan – probably one of the finest things any human being can own because once you wrap up in it you can feel the love seeping from its scratchy fibres like tiny comforting hands caressing and soothing away at you.

We added mirrors along one wall and a large oval number at the back, both of which instantly seemed to double the space inside, making us feel much more comfortable in our little home.



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