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Makoto is a lovely, cosy and slightly quirky hostel in the Arabic area of Granada. You have to weave your way up labyrinthine cobbled streets to find your way to the building – which is a gorgeous old Andalucian beast of a thing.

Once there – you can see that a lot of thought and love has gone into making the hostel a pleasant and unique place to stay.

The small garden is full of trees dripping with candles and strings of fairy lights. There is a treehouse and a cosy chill-out area. It looks like a couple of people got stoned one day and designed a hostel. Which is probably pretty much what happened. There is also a barbecue in the garden for the summer months and a small bar where you can buy expensive drinks.

The kitchen is fairly well stocked and a good place to gather.

The breakfast – which is included in the price – was pretty disappointing. Cheapest white bread, margarine and toppings for toast pretty much summed it up. In fact, that was it. Cheap unhealthy toast. No fruit or cereal. Bit shit.

The washing machines too are very expensive – costing €7 for one wash. And the drying machine didn’t seem to live up to it’s name. Machine yes. Drying, no.

The staff are mostly great. All except one person I encountered were exceptionally friendly, helpful and downright bubbly. Martha in particular is lovely.

There is free wireless through most of the hostel although, sadly, not in the chill out room. That might be intentional I guess.

Dorms are small with three high bunk beds. Sadly, the rooms get cold during winter when the whole of the city freezes within the embrace of the snow encrusted Sierra Nevada mountain range. There is only one small and rather ineffectual duvet per bed, which might just cover your entire body if you are Kylie Minogue (‘s little sister).

Another downside is that the lockers are in a separate room downstairs.

Ok, so it does have quite a few bad points, especially the lack of professionalism and the noisiness, but on the whole the vibe is infectious and most people seem to be enjoying themselves.  It’s in a great location about ten minutes from the centre of town and five minutes from the mirador del Sant Nicolas where you can drink in a spectacular view of the Alhambra backed by snow encrusted mountains. Best to arrive early to take in the view and meditate.

Like most hostels it is very noisy – but this is due to the people who seem to lose part of their brain responsible for being quiet and considerate, after they have taken a single sniff of a wine cork.

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