Manantial de Salud health food shop – Barcelona

Mercaders 7

(plus various other locations throughout Barcelona – see below)

Monday to Friday 09hrs – 14hrs
Monday to Friday 16hrs – 20hrs
Saturdays 09hrs – 14hrs

This place won my heart simply by stocking Booja Booja raw vegan chocolate ice cream. Having gone without raw vegan anything in shops for almost a year, I felt like sitting down and sobbing when I spotted the sexy black cartons in the freezer cabinet. It was like a crazy thing from modern day Britain had travelled through time to traditional Spain. I mean… raw ice cream in Spain! I hadn’t even seen Booja Booja ice cream outside of London or Brighton in the UK.

Anyway, that’s all it took for me to fall in love with this little store which sells herbs, supplements and health food items… oh and Booja Booja ice cream.

On the outside it looks like a pharmacy and the interior is lined with bottles and jars filled with herbs and tinctures whose names I probably wouldn’t recognise even if they were in English.

The range given the size of the shop is pretty good, although you certainly won’t pick up everything you want here. But it’s worth a visit. Especially if you are after herbs or vegetarian/vegan, health food basics such as flours, rice, teas etc.

The staff wear white coats and are smiley and professional. I don’t think anyone had ever bought any Booja Booja raw vegan ice-cream from them before, as they had to make a telephone call to find out how much to charge me. Which is sad, because it means they probably won’t be stocking it for very long.

They also have outlets in the following locations:

Xucia 23,
El Raval

Avda Republica Argentina, 38

Gran Via, 1003
Sant Marti

Vallespir, 49

Osi, 52-54

Sant Lluis 24
Cornella de Ll

Mercat Sta Caterina
Parada 50

Lacy 8

A quant little shop with a fantastic range of herbs, a small selection of health foods and chocolate Booja Booja raw vegan ice cream! What is not to like? Nothing I tell you.
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