Manantial de Salud health food shop – El Raval, Barcelona

manantial health food store - Raval Barcelona

Xucia 23

Monday to Friday 09hrs – 14hrs
Monday to Friday 16hrs – 20.30hrs
Saturdays 09hrs – 14hrs
Saturdays 17hrs – 20hrs

Just like the other (one of the other) branch I went in in El Born, this little health food shop and herbal shop took me totally by surprise by stocking large cartons of the beautiful Booja Booja raw vegan chocolate ice cream.

It had been a while since I saw any specialist raw food and I felt a little joyful frisson in my heart. Spain is a wonderful country in a thousand ways but as a mecca for  raw food vegans it fails with a capital ‘F’ for fucking miserable.

Raw vegan organic ice cream! In Spain! Makes my pulse race.

Anyway, this branch is currently stocking the coconut and maple syrup varieties – so get down there and buy some (not all of it) but show some solidarity for the raw food vegan cause and throw some money at it. If you haven’t tried it before – you are in for a treat. Personally, I buy a carton and then go  to the cinema in nearby Floridablanca where they have films in the original version eg in English with Spanish or Catalan subtitles.

Besides Booja Booja – which makes it worth a visit in itself, they also have a great range of supplements; bunches of fresh medicinal herbs, tinctures, essential oils and the typical range of health food items such as tofu products, milk replacements, pastas, rice, gluten free flours, sugar substitutes, gluten free breads etc. They have a good range of teas too.

But most important – BOOJA BOOJA!

Other branches are in:

Avda Republica Argentina, 38

Gran Via, 1003
Sant Marti

Vallespir, 49

Osi, 52-54

Mercat Sta Caterina
Parada 50

Lacy 8

An awesome shop with a fantastic range of herbs, a small selection of health foods and they stock Booja Booja raw vegan ice cream!

It’s located behind Carrefour. So if you enter through the main entrance to Carrefour and then leave via the rear exit (Sorry matron?) then you’ll find it there.

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