Mandela health food store – Sant Pere de Ribes (Near Sitges)

Rta. de Sitges, 85
08810 Sant Pere de Ribes
Near Sitges

Monday to Friday 09h a 19h
Saturday 10h to 17h

It’s amazing where you come across little health food shops as you are travelling around. Sant Pere de Ribes is about a ten minute drive from the centre of Sitges. It’s a small village with a few shops and restaurants and a tiny but cute little village placa, where old folk will sit and chirrup in exceptionally fast Castellano. Having spent a bunch of time in Sitges we naturally came across Mandala during our travels.

Mandala has one thing that I’ve not seen in many other health food venders’ refrigerators during our travels, and that’s Quorn products. We don’t generally eat Quorn because the word mycoprotein somehow doesn’t sit well in the raw vegan diet that we adopt at least some of the time. But back when I was a bland old ordinary vegetarian I liked nothing better than a Quorn sausage sandwich, dripping with ketchup – generally eaten whilst in the bath… with a hangover. Those days are gone and forgotten now, but if you are craving a bit of faux sausage, then Mandala has a very small range of Quorn products. Unfortunately you will pay a premium for them.

It also sells organic breads, pastas, soya and rice milks, sea vegetables, cakes, and the usual range of health food and organic products, along with a limited range of supplements. And a few books.

Were you thinking it’s just a shop? It’s not you know. There is a small restaurant at the back that serves organic food and some delightful homemade cakes and desserts such as apple empanadas in a jacket of filo pastry so crispy it could have someone’s eye out. Served with soya cream.

Main courses you might find are seitan curries, vegetarian lasagne, mexican burritos and salads. They also serve meat dishes here, but the meat should be of the organic, non-tortured variety.

They also have classes here such as yoga (kundalini, hatha), meditation, pilates, tai chi, chi kung, and a number of others. Most classes are taught in Catalan.

A cute spot that’s easier to park near than many spots in nearby Sitges.

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