Maoz Falafel – Barcelona

Carrer de Ferran 13
off La Rambla
Gothic Quarter
Nearest Metro: Liceu

Sun-Thu 11am-2am
Fri-Sat 11am-3am

For a foolproof no-nonsense (falafels are known for their down-to-earth attitude) fat snack, Maoz Falafel is a Barcelona stalwart. A favourite of inebriated vegans (the unhealthy variety) who want quantity over quality, Maoz provide hot pitta breads fresh from the griddle crammed full of crunchy falafels and a bunch of salad that will palliate a burgeoning hunger whether the cause be from too many lethal Spanish mojitos or after an afternoon spent Gaudi-ing yourself into a tizz.

For a few euros you will get your clammy and disgusting mitts on a hot white pitta bread, along with five or six hot falafels  that you can then squeeze full of  different salads that you help yourself from the salad bar. Salads include tahini, hummus, mixed leaves, tomatoes, chopped cabbage and chilli sauce. It doesn’t sound so appetising admittedly. But it’s a fast food and once drenched in tahini and chilli, it all combines into a big squashy, crunchy, drippy amalgamation. Expect to get messy.

There are better options around town to be honest but sometimes you have to get what you can. The food is vegan and hot and it involves salad. And it all tastes fairly fresh. The salad could be more adventurous but once disguised with the sauces and what have you, you’d never guess it was plain salad underneath.

It’s pretty tasty, it’s hot and the shop opens long hours into the early am. Nothing to complain about at all really.


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