Maoz Falafel – Madrid

4 Calle Mayor

Nearest Metro: Sol

Monday to Sunday 11am-2.30am
Falafels are known for their down-to-earth attitude. If they were human they’d do yoga and hug trees, both of which I have been doing a lot of lately and have to report positive experiences on both counts. As a widely available vegan snack food item – they are second to none.

There are branches of Maoz falafel all over the place. I’ve seen them in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Brussels.

If you haven’t had the pleasure, Maoz provide hot pitta breads freshly griddled and then  packed beyond the point of spillage with freshly cooked falafels and a big old bunch of salad.

It won’t take you many euros to stave off hunger and palliate the need the chew.

The salad bar is basic and contains items such as salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, red onion, tahini, olives and hummus. They aren’t the most adventurous salad items admittedly, but when they all combine together with the pitta bread and the falafels, you will be too busy feeding your face and getting it all down yourself, to care.

There are better options for vegans in Madrid but this places opens late and is a chirpy way of satiating yourself after or before a night out.

It’s pretty tasty, it’s hot and the shop opens long hours into the early am. Great for quick hefty snacks on the go.


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