Marmalade Bar & Restaurant – Barcelona

Riera Alta, 4  08001

Barcelona provides a unique combination of both quintessentially Spanish complete with donkeys’ legs suspended from the ceiling in buildings that look like they have been there since time itself began to the ultra slick contemporary ambience that you might find in London or New York. And Barcelona is consummate at both. Marmalade fits into the latter.

Large, dark, spacious and painfully fashionable with cutting edge décor and attracting a young crowd – Marmalade seriously appeals to the non-purists.

Deep in El Raval – Barcelona’s once gritty underbelly, Marmalade is the kind of spot you’d frequent if you were part of a large group of friends. Unlike traditional Barcelonan nighteries, that fill tiny spaces within old buildings and can sometimes feel stifling, Marmalade is large and spacious. In the summer, the front windows allow balmy gusts to caress you as you sit getting progressively hammered (if you are English) or just catching up with old friends, (if you are normal.)

The establishment is split into two with the bar/lounge area on one side and an informal restaurant on the other. And being in Spain, you can still order a decent meal at midnight – long after your contemporaries in England have had last orders called and been sent home to sleep in their own vomit.

The food is Spanish and global and is actually pretty good.

The atmosphere is cool and casual. Trendy without being nauseatingly self indulgent. The décor is dark. The bar is massive and looks like it (probably) stocks every conceivable drink.

It’s also got a pool table, which is nice if you like pool tables.

Vegetarian meals include a warm goat cheese salad, a spinach salad (which might attract a raw food vegan out on the town), vegetable teriaki, pita bread with dips and an awesome Yoga Burger which consists of a lentil burger with salad, red onion, yoghurt and humus. All dishes cost around€7-8. You can also pick up side orders of coleslaw, fries and a choice of dipping sauces for between €2 and €4.

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