Maximum Italian ice cream parlour – Barcelona

La Rambla

Since I first started this leg of my travels 18 months ago, I have been hunting for green tea ice cream. It’s something I got a taste for in the US, I guess because you can kid yourself that you’re somehow being virtuous because you’re giving yourself a massive dose of antioxidants, even though you are really just eating ice cream.

Anyway, throughout Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia, there have been big ice cream parlours, geared towards their boiling hot summers (ok, maybe not Germany). And not once I have found green tea ice cream. Green ice cream yes. Green ice cream that inveigles me into the parlour, only to be slapped around the face wetly by the sheer weight of disappointment when I find out that the green matter is in fact pistachio flavour. Boring.

All that changed yesterday when I happened upon an Italian ice cream parlour on La Rambla that served moss green matcha green tea ice-cream. I had to have some. Ice cream counters are everywhere in Barcelona. They generally look delicious and don’t taste too bad either.

I didn’t even feel like an ice-cream but it was a warm (22 degrees) October afternoon in Barcelona, and I had waited so long, it would have been rude not too.

I wasn’t disappointed. It was the strongest green tea ice-cream (te verde matcha) I’ve ever tasted.

Other flavours include lemon, Kingston cocoa, cantaloupe, yogurt, mango, chocolate orange, passion fruit, vanilla with macadamia, and blackcurrant.

Prices range from €2.50 for one flavour in a small tureen to €8.75 for three flavours in a giant container. Probably enough for four people.

You can also purchase by the litre – €14.

Batidos (ice cream smoothies) cost €4.30.

Spanish drink Horchata (Orxata in Catalan) and granitas cost between €2.30 and €3.25. And you can also them by the half or full litre at €6 or €12 respectively.

Handsome boys will serve you too.

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