Mequinenza Dam – a little gallery

A panoramic view of the Mequinenza reservoir

The Mequinenza dam and reservoir on a bright October afternoon.


Mequinenza’s dam and reservoir looks quite a spectacle when approaching from Fraga. The grey slopes of the low lying hills contrast sharply with the deep blue waters of the lake, while algae sits idly on the surface feeding much needed nutrients to life below the surface.


The castle overlooking the Ebro.


The castle on the hill watches silently over the Rio Ebro and below that the mining museum with its memorabilia and giant engine parts patiently await paying customers passing through Mequinenza.


Algae gathers on the lake surface


This side of the dam and its hugely obstructing wall looks almost idyllic. The blue waters of the reservoir are very inviting and although the pictures don’t clearly show it, from where we were stood it was possible to see the bottom.


The dam at Mequinenza acting like nothing is wrong.


The hues of blue, green and grey make for a colourful view but on the other side of the dam wall the water is muddy, shallow and heavily polluted.


A slightly better view of the dam.


We only saw one boat in the reservoir and it didn’t appear to be fishermen. I’m not sure what the rules are on this side of the wall but even the water further upstream towards Fraga seemed a lot healthier than the other side of the dam.

If you’d like to see Mequinenza for yourself you can book a hotel at Fraga which is just 15km away by clicking here.

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