Mercado Central – Valencia


 Placa del Mercado

Monday to Saturday
07.30 – 014.30

This is one of the oldest – and easily one of the most impressive – markets in Europe. It’s vastness and beauty is unsurpassed in any Spanish city I’ve yet to see. Even Barcelona’s beautiful Boqueria retreats with its markety tail between its legs at the sight of this multifaceted, mosaic covered, stained glass structure.  And it still functions as a fully working market – attended by locals, tourists wanting snapshots and back packers looking for cheap ingredients.

It contains the usual stalls you’d find in a Spanish market: lots of meat – some of it quite graphic, loads of vegetables, stalls selling dried fruits and nuts, tapas counters and fish.

There are also a couple of stalls selling health food items such as rices, algaes, olive oils of many descriptions.  My favourite stall is La Morhada which sells all things organic – from fruits and vegetables (mangoes to die for if you’re into dying for fruit’s sake), rice cakes, oils, wines vinegars, soft drinks, flour, wholewheat spaghettis and pasta, rice, cereal. There’s a bit of everything. And the displays are quite stunning.

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