Mesclat vegetarian-friendly hamburger restaurant – Valencia

C/Beltran Bigorra, 10

19hrs – 01hrs

This is not a purely vegetarian restaurant, but it does have some vegetarian burger options and they aren’t all dehydrated soya either.  Cute.

For the vegetarian palate you can choose from lentil; feta cheese and spinach; or zucchini. These options cost between €7.50 and €8.00.

If you are with a meat-eating carcass-devouring carnivore, then you might sleep easier knowing that the meaty pattie they are shoving into themselves is made from organic meat.  And they have a wide choice of burgers to choose from. Including shrimp (bleurrgh).

To your burger you can add up to four further ingredients such as hummus, cheddar cheese, sun dried tomato, roasted squash, caramelized onion, asparagus, roasted egglplant, fried egg, gorgonzola or manchego cheese.

Bun options are standard American with sesame seeds or of more interest, rustic, dark wholewheat or foccacia.

Vegetarian starters include vegan spinach salad, cheese fingers, onion tempura, nachos with guacamole, potatoes au gratin, potato wedges and baked potatoes with alli oli sauce. Starters cost between €4 and €7.50.

For dessert you can choose between apple cake with toasted almond ice cream; or chocolate cake with bourbon ice cream; or baked cheese cake with berries. All desserts cost €4.50.

Mesclat is not a burger bar – it’s a decent quality restaurant giving the traditional burger a creative slant. The burgers are fine quality and filling.

The service is impeccable. A great find I stumbled upon whilst looking for the bus station. It’s nowhere near the bus station. And neither was I.

They also have gluten free bread.

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