Micro-Gigantic Museum, Guadalest

Address: Calle del Sol, 2 



The Micro-Gigantic museum in Guadalest, Valencia


As its name suggests the Micro-Gigantic Museum in Guadalest is a juxtaposition of the huge and the tiny, all under one very inconspicuous roof. This is perhaps the most interesting museum of all in Guadalest due to the nature of its content. 

One part is dedicated to large sculptures which are great pieces of work that rightly deserve their place in the exhibition, but, the real magic is at the micro end of the scale where some startling displays are waiting to be discovered – provided you have a magnifying glass. 

Actually, the museum provides magnifying glasses so that you can enjoy some incredible and mind-bogglingly tiny works of art that include:


  • A bull ring on a pinhead
  • A bible written on a hair
  • A flea riding a bike on a seed
  • The church and the tower of Guadalest on one quarter of a centimetre
  • An ant playing the violin
  • A miniature of the Kremlin
  • A village built on a bone two centimetres long. 


If that lot doesn’t arouse your curiousity then I’m fairly sure that nothing will.

The Micro-Gigantic Museum is open every day.

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