Milk bar and restaurant – Barcelona

Calle Gignas 21
(runs parallel with Passig de Colom

Tuesday to Sunday 18-23.30hrs
Thursday to Sunday 10-16hrs

It was the breakfasts that originally attracted me to Milk. Back when I lived in Barcelona and drank like a dehydrated pescado I would often crave something more than a typical Spanish breakfast. This place offered some familiar dishes for my toxic mind on its special Recovery Brunch menu that is available Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Luckily these include some healthy and vegetarian and even vegan-friendly dishes.

Very Berry Banana Smoothie costs €4.25 and consists prosaically of berries, banana and yogurt. For vegans there is a remarkably tasty young smoothie called a Super Soy Me which is made with soy milk, pineapple and banana. And is also €4.25. It’s a good one.

If you eat eggs and have an appetite on you then you could try the Eggs Florentine which consists of toasted chapata bread, two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and spinach. This costs €8.75.

They have a delicious vegetarian tortilla which includes feta cheese, scallions, sun-dried tomato, rucula (rocket) and crème fraiche.

Or you might like Penny Lane Pancakes which come with blueberries, vanilla yogurt and maple syrup. Or Fresh Fruit Crunch which is a mix of dried fruit, cereal, fresh fruit and yogurt and topped with nuts and seeds. Both cost €7.25.

You can wash your brunch down with a choice of teas including green, red, Ceylon, camomile, jasmine, English breakfast or (strangely) PG Tips.

If you’re not brunching then there is a vegetarian-friendly salad – a Munster Caprese (giant tomatoes with mozzarella, olives and a vinaigrette dressing. It costs €5.75.

Starters include a Thai soup for €4.80, vegetarian spring rolls (stuffed with mushrooms and seasonal vegetables) and served with a dipping sauce is €4.75 and a dipping dish suitable for two which includes pita breads and three dips including hummus and olive tapenade.

The food here isn’t organic and they serve lots of meat dishes but the quality is exceptional.

Milk is owned by an Irish pair and is decorated like an upmarket tart’s boudoir. Not to say that it is unpleasant. If you like glamour and comfort then you’ll love it.

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