Mimos Frozen Yogurteria – Barcelona

Calle Carme 39
Behind La Boqueria
El Raval


Frozen yogurt bars are popping up like meerkats  in Barcelona. Generally, they only offer natural frozen yogurt but Mimos has gone a bit better (and while they haven’t quite embraced the green tea or pomegranate of New York City’s trendy yog bars), they do offer a choice of natural, vanilla, chocolate and also have a guest flavour each week – when I visited it was Tom Bosley.

According to Mimos their yogurt is  organic and natural. Which are good things. They also say it is fat-free. It’s sad that the world is still obsessed with fat-free living and trendy diets in general.

So you choose your yogurt size from either petit (€1.90), classic (€2.40) or grande (€2.70) and they decide how many toppings you want from 1 to 3 toppings (with prices ranging from €2.30 for  a petit with one topping to €3.90 for a grande with three toppings. Each additional topping beyond that is bordering on decadent and will cost €0.40.

Toppings are the likes of chopped fresh fruit such as mango and berries,  for the virtuous; granola and fruit of the forest compote, and smarties and dark chocolate sauce for the downright devious. Fresh mango and dark chocolate is surely the world’s favourite combination. You really haven’t lived until you’ve tried it.

There is also a parfait deluxe which costs €4.90 and includes frozen yogurt, fruit and granola.

And there are frozen yogurt smoothies in different sizes whose prices vary depending on whether you add one or two fruits to your yogurt.

They also serve ice coffees (frappes), coffee, tea and Spanish-style hot chocolate (served thick) a la taza.

There are also fresh fruit smoothies of either orange or mango and gofres (Belgian waffles).

The interior is bright white and colourful. The girl who serves is a bit grumpy and should maybe eat some fresh fruit while she waits to cheer herself up, or maybe realise that customers might return if she smiled a little.

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