Mirablau restaurant, bar and café – Barcelona


Avenida de Tibidabo


This is one of the most spectacular spots in Barcelona.

Half way up Tibidabo, immediately next to where the Tramblau drops you and in a prime location to inveigle your custom before you get the funicular up to the very top of the hill, Mirablau will no doubt be your first port of call before you complete your ascent. You may not even get any further.

There is nothing special about Mirablau. The food is average, the service isn’t particularly friendly, the seats are uncomfortable and the ambiance is non-existent. But its unique selling point is that it is half way up Tibidabo and that its location means it can provide the most thoroughly spectacular vistas of the city of Barcelona as it sprawls out beautifully below. This is enhanced by massive ceiling-to-floor windows, that are opened during the long summers.

During the daytime, you can see the sea off in the distance, the chaotic city and the beautiful houses of Gracia , and a massive expanse of (usually blue) sky.

At night, a blanket of twinkling stars and city lights is equally enchanting.

Menu items for vegetarians include Greek salad, carrot and ginger soup and gazpacho (Summer only). Tapas include hummus, pan con tomate, tortilla and olives.

To get to Mirablau you can either walk (a couple of hours from the centre of Barcelona) or you can take the metro, bus or train to Avenida Tibidabo. From there you can take the Tramblau (blue tram) that will drop you outside Mirablau.

A beautiful spot not to missed. Even if you aren’t playing to go to the top of Tibidabo – the views from this highpoint are impressive enough.

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