Mobile internet by Carrefour – extremely reliable and cost effective

Living off grid means that we don’t have to worry about a lot of things that go along with having a fixed address but one of the things we really do depend on is the internet. Our livelihoods revolve around a good internet connection so for our travels around Spain we needed a solution that would be cost effective and reliable.

After some research we opted for a Carrefour internet dongle which gives us a maximum of 1GB of mobile internet, valid for 30 days at a cost of 19 euros.

We looked at lots of options but for the price and ease of use, Carrefour came out on top. Their network piggybacks onto Orange’s and despite Orange being relatively new to Spain compared to Movistar and Vodafone, they have proven to be reliable almost everywhere we’ve been – even deep in the mountains.


The Carrefour internet USB modem. Simple, cheap and easy - not like me.


The Carrefour internet dongle is supposed to cost 59.95 euros but they only charged us 30 euros for it and the sim card was an extra 5 euros. We then added 30 days of credit so the whole thing set us back 54 euros in total. The kits comes as follows:


1 x USB Mobile broadband modem (Huawei E-1550)

1 x Simcard

1 x USB extension lead


We have used this dongle for three months and apart from a few places way out in the countryside we’ve managed to get a useful signal with it. It’s obviously not as fast as cable based broadband but speeds get to around 600k per second which is fine for us.

One downside of Carrefour’s system is that you have to top up in their stores (as far as I know) which makes adding credit a little awkward at times. Luckily Carrefour stores are all over Spain so you shouldn’t have to go far to find one.

As long as you only use it for web browsing and emailing then the 19 euros (1GB allowance) should last the 30 days easily. Beware of using things like Skype, downloading films, or streaming videos on Youtube as they will quickly devour your credit.


Let us know if you found this information useful by leaving comment and feel free to leave any questions about mobile internet in Spain. You can also discuss this on our forums by clicking here.

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