Mr Coco Brazilian café, Costa de Caparica – Portugal

Mr Coco Brazilian café, Costa de Caparica - Portugal

Rua dos Pescadores, no 8
Costa de Caparica
Lisboa (Portugal)

I was inveigled into Mr Coco’s by the lure of fresh young coconuts  (which might make me sound like a coconut paedophile) which they sadly didn’t have that day, but all was not lost.

Mr Coco’s is a Brazilian canteen vending Brazilian juices and milk shakes, along with snacks and interesting South American things to eat.

You can choose from juices such as pineapple, cashew, mango, passion fruit, cherry or pomegranate and then some and cost just €2.20 for a large measure.

Mr Coco - sugar cane juice with lime

There are also batidos (milk shakes) although sadly no soya milk for vegans. However, if you are not vegan you can choose between banana, mango, pineapple, cherry, mango, cocoa, passion fruit, pomegranate and others. Batidos cost €2.50 and again, the portion size is great.

If you like your superfoods, then acai juice is available in small or large portions for either €2.50 or €3.50. There is also acai pudding (which I didn’t’ try) that costs €3.50 or €5.50 depending on choice of size.

Mr Coco’s coconut juice (when available) is served ice cold and costs €4.95, which is steep compared to what you’d pay in Thailand or Brazil even, but considering they’ve flown so far around the world that they have enough air miles to do a city break in Moscow, perhaps the price is forgivable.

In lieu of fresh coconut water, I tried the caldo de cana natural (sugar cane juice) which you can have naked (it, not you) or combined with lime juice or pineapple juice. It’s served ice cold and is delicious.

Mr Coco also sell snacks such as burgers, pastels and other Brazilian niceties although not much for the vegetarian or vegan.

The waitress at Mr Coco is lovely – beautiful, smiley and friendly.

The appearance is plasticky with citric green tables and chairs and red table mats.

Mr Coco – great juices and acai juice plus young green coconuts! Heavenly.

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  1. Boa tarde,

    Gostaria desaber se vocês têm água de coco – do coco verde mesmo, não do pacote. Tem ? Obrigada, Ana A.

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