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mucci's pizza Barcelona

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Yeah so pizza is neither healthy or vegan (apart from raw vegan pizza) and that’s a sad fact of life, but if you are a crazy vegetarian parading around probably the world’s most beautiful city and craving a bit of the Italian stuff or just a place to rest your throbbing metatarsals, then Mucci’s is a oasis of hot cheese and crispy dough .

For €1.50 a slice you can choose from various vegetarian-friendly pizzas such as 4 quesos (4 cheeses), verduras (vegetable), and Donatello (brie, onion and tomato). The slices are of the thin-and-crispy variety and the toppings are wondrously plentiful and fresh.

They also sell empanadas which, for the uninitiated are mini pasties that are typical fodder in Argentina and pretty tasty. It’s not always easy to find vegetarian versions but Mucci’s has the following: goats’ cheese, pine nuts and honey (bliss); cheese and onion; and spinach and parmesan. Fwarr!

Pizza and empanadas are far from healthy, but if affordable vegetarian fodder is more important at this point in your life than eating healthily, Mucci’s is the place for you.

Mucci’s always seems to be packed out when I go past, unless I’m seeing double, which generally speaks volumes about a place, unless it’s a queue of people waiting to complain.

You can eat-in (on a few high tables) or takeaway. There is also free wifi available which means you can take your laptop and change your Facebook status to ‘Eating pizza in Barcelona. Yum.’ If that’s the kind of thing you like to do. Alternatively, you could catch up on some emailing or vend your tortured soul on eBay.

The beauty of this little place is that it’s just off Las Ramblas – the main street that runs from Placa Catalunya to the sea and so easy-to-find. Coming from Placa Catalunya, walk down Las Ramblas and early on you will see a pharmacia on the right-hand side with a big red neon windmill on the corner of the street. Take this street and Mucci’s is not far down on the right-hand-side.

There are actually loads of decent places to eat in El Raval, especially compared to the rest of Spain. When I say decent, I mean vegetarian friendly.

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