Museo Revello de Toro – Malaga

Museo revello del toro, Malaga


Calle Afligidos 5

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The Felix Revello de Toro Museum (museo) is a beautiful modern and airy space created in a traditional house (home and workshop of Pedro de Mena) in Malaga that houses a stunning display of the artist’s finer works.

If you are not familiar with the works of Revello de Toro then you might just be in for a delicious surprise. I’m no art critic or historian but there is a beauty in Revello de Toro’s work that is quietly enchanting.

When I think of contemporary artists I think of Dali, the Chapman Brothers, Picasso, Jackson Pollock etc, I think of modern media producing irrational and audacious installations. Revello de Toro paints using oils on canvas. The kind of paintings you associate with portrait painters like Renoir, not modern artists. The effect is really quite delicious. Pictures of girls in 50s and 60s clobber painted in oil are unique; his pencil drawings of hot ladies are equally beguiling.

I looked at the washing on the washing line until I thought the clothes might start dancing on a breeze; and I watched the dolls on a shelf until they almost came alive like characters from a Jan Svankmajer movie. I was tempted to steal the illustration of the dog. I’d love a scribbled pet.

Museo Revello del toro, Malaga

Museo Revello del Toro, Malaga, Spain

It costs just €2 to enter the museum. On a hot day in Malaga, I’d pay that just to be in the same room as air conditioning.

The size of the exhibition is just enough to keep a philistine like me happy without making my eyes bleed.

Thoroughly recommended.


Image by Revello del Toro (courtesy of

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