Natural Siempre juice bar and cafe – Granada


Plaza Bib Rambla, 16


Mirador de San Nicolas

Natural Siempre – which translates to ‘always natural’ is a tiny creperie, café, smoothie and ice cream shop in the centre of Granada.

They have crepes for €4, two of which are suitable for vegetarians (veggie or four cheese – although worth checking they don’t consider tuna fish a type of fruit). Now I don’t know how healthy crepes are – they certainly aren’t up there with a good salad in my book – but at least there are options for vegetarians.

You can also get toast with goat cheese and honey or on a sweeter note, crepes, Belgian waffles or pancakes filled with either chocolate, white chocolate, caramel or mixed wild berries. These cost €3.

They serve coffees, hot chocolate and tea. The chocolate is organic apparently and can be served with soya milk, with added flavours such as mint, vanilla or hazelnut, or cream. It’s English/US style hot chocolate and so thin and watery instead of being so thick you can stand a spear up in it – which is the general Spanish rule for hot chocolates. And one I commend. Thoroughly.

Teas are either earl grey, green tea with mint, Moroccan-style mint and jasmine or camomile. Teas all cost €1.70.

The only really healthy stuff here is the smoothies, although they are all fruit smoothies, many of which consist of ice cream or yoghurt. Soya milk is available.

The following combinations are available; carrot and orange; apple, orange, ginger and lemon; apple, mixed berries and orange; mango, pineapple and orange; apple banana, strawberries and orange.

If you aren’t vegan then there are sorbet and ice cream-based options such as mixed wild berries; pineapple and coconut ice cream, or lemon sorbet and mint leaves.

Yogurt-based drinks include apple, banana, orange, yogurt and cinnamon; mango, orange, mixed seeds and yogurt or pineapple, banana, apple, orange and yogurt.

You can also mix an ice cream of your choice with milk or pick a leche merengada which contains cinnamon ice cream and milk and sounds utterly divine.

All the ice cream is 100% natural apparently.

There are also some fairly ‘healthy’ looking cakes.

There are just two small tables and a couple of stools inside. It’s very clean and light and modern.

The woman who served me was friendly but nothing like Valencians. I’d just arrived from Valencia where if you look like you are lost, someone will come and help you, hold your hand and skip with you to your destination whilst kissing your lower legs. It happened – honest.*

*- it didn’t happen. 

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