Naturalia juice bar – Valencia

Naturalia Juice Bar - Valencia, Spain

carrer del Mar, 12

Naturalia is an oasis of colour and tranquillity in the beautiful city of Valencia.

It’s a place where vivacious Valencians gather to chat at breakneck speed over giant glasses of vivid coloured juices.

Low tables are surrounded by wicker chairs covered with brightly coloured fabric cushions in checks, stripes, chintz, spots and floral designs. The lighting is courtesy of straw hats with coloured rims and the bar has a Caribbean feel to it.

Three blenders sit behind the bar in constant use – each squishing up some delightfully fruity juice. Juices come with regulation sugar, so be sure to request yours without (sin azucar).

Prices range from €3.50 to €4.50 for juices and you can choose from 40 blends along with 15 single juice options such as orange, pear, melon, avocado, mango, pineapple, kiwi, coconut, papaya, strawberry or apple.

If you prefer a combination juice, then you can choose from simple blends such as orange and lemon; banana and strawberry; pineapple, orange and mango; orange and banana; orange, lemon and strawberry; or orange, banana and apple, to the more exotic coconut, avocado and milk; apple, orange, avocado and pineapple; pineapple, banana, orange, peach, lemon, strawberry, apple and milk (?), coconut, milk, and apple to a couple of vegetable juices such as orange, lemon, carrot; carrot, lemon, orange and strawberry; celery, carrot, strawberries and orange.


The portions at Naturalia are big and the blenders are small and not particularly powerful – but it’s still quite a find in Spain where juice bars are relatively unheard of. It won’t be the best juice you’ve ever got your lips around, but it’s still fresh juice.


The clientele are young and chirpy and seem to enjoy fruit juice, which means there is hope for the future generations of Spain, as most Spaniards seem to live off spicy meat, cured cheese, white bread, coffee, and sugar.


A cute and colourful place to chill out and suck the blood from fruits. They have wi-fi at Naturalia, although it wasn’t working when I was last there. Grump.




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