Naturalis natural health food shop and organic store – Fuengirola

Naturalis, Fuengirola


C/ Marbella 14
Fuengirola is almost overrun with health food stores and locations for picking up tubs of vitamins, supplements, and minerals; organic produce; items suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets; celiac friendly items without gluten, or sugar-free, lactose-free products for those with food sensitivities. I say overrun but you can never have too many options.

Naturalis is a small shop where you can buy organic products (such as breads, crackers, biscuits / cookies, cold pressed extra virgin olive oils, seasonal products, local honeys and vinegars, sugar-free candies, and oriental products (organic soya sauces, low salt soya sauces, tamari sauce, nama shoyu, toasted sesame seed oil, different types of noodles and rice etc.

It’s not the largest organic shop in the world. It’s not even the largest organic shop in Fuengirola, but if you are nearby it’s worth taking a look at what they have got.  In fact, all the health food shops and stores in Fuengirola (and there are a few to choose from) are within ten or fifteen minutes walk from one another (at the very most), so it’s worth shopping around as very often you can find what you are looking for.

They also sell items such as Himalayan salt lamps, candles and incense along with natural cosmetics and creams etc by Dr Haushka among others.

Despite having only one vegetarian restaurant (Vegitalia) Fuengirola is particularly well equipped with organic shops and herboristerias. You might also want to try BiocasaBionatura EkotiendaNutrisaludPolen or two herberisterias in the main covered market (near the Renfe): Dapocris and Herboristeria Mercado.


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