Nostrum takeaway – Barcelona


C/ Balmes, 158

Aribau, 139

C/ Escudellers, 27

Nostrum provides pre-packaged takeaway fodder ranging from ready-made salads, to raw nuts, to Spanish tortilla (omelette).

It’s not a vegetarian outfit but they do offer a couple of things that one – the non-sanguinary vegetarian – might find interesting in a country not always vegetarian-friendly, and possibly slightly bloodthirsty when it comes to comestibles – outside of the specialist vegetarian restaurants.

When I last went there they had cheese croquettes (croquettes are a popular item found on most Tapas menus. However, generally they are made from chicken or ham and so it’s a refreshing change to find some vegetarian-friendly ones) particularly if you like that sort of thing. Not very healthy or raw but they are hot and vegetarian and I’m not about to knock that.  There was also a decently sized and tasty looking spinach ravioli (€3.95) and some ready-made salads that started from €3.60 and looked way more adventurous than the average Spanish salad, which is generally just that – average.

There are also cartons of mixed vegetables, tubs of fresh chopped mango, posh ice creams, herbal teas, sorbets (strawberry, lemon, vanilla and macadamia), posh jams, oils,  and other items such as cookies, cakes and coffees.

Nostrum is not somewhere I would seek out should my mission be to find soem decent vegetarian grub in Catalonia’s gorgeous capital, but if you are a vegetarian on a tight budget and stumble across one, then one of the salads should sort you out. There is even an organic (ecologica) variety if you can afford (financially) to be picky.

The concept behind Nostrum is quality takeaway food. There isn’t a load of choice but there is something for the vegetarian, the vegan and the raw food vegan.  And it’s not just a plate of iceberg lettuce.

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