Noviembre – vegetarian-friendly restaurant, Malaga in Spain

Noviembre cafe/bar in Malaga, Costa del Sol
Calle Álamos, 18  29012 Malaga, Spain

952 22 26 54

Noviembre is a spacious modern airy old space with distressed flooring, white tables, vibrantly striped couches and large white wicker lampshades.  There is one gorgeous chunky old medieval-looking wooden table.

The menu is available in English or Spanish and includes breakfasts such as multigrain bread, brown, ezequiel or soya bread (plus less healthy options) served with butter, fresh tomato, avocado, nut cream, olive oil, garlic or honey. Other breakfasty options include organic yogurt (€3.50), organic yogurt with cereal (€3.50), fruit bowl (€3.50).

You can accompany your breakfast with a fresh fruit smoothie, organic yogurt or with ordinary milk. Or you can choose from a range of amalgamations such as a Mountain: banana, apple, honey, cinnamon and milk; Mestizaje: banana, strawberries and milk; November: orange, strawberry, pineapple and optional brown sugar; Hiroshima: orange, carrot and ginger; Bali: orange, pear, strawberry and lime; Freedom: orange, strawberry, banana or apple, optional brown sugar and mint; Papua: orange, carrot, apple and optional brown sugar; Tropical; orange, kiwi, pineapple and optional brown sugar; and a Marrakech with orange, avocado, banana and optional brown sugar.

All smoothies and juices cost €3.50. The Marrakech is delicious – I had it without sugar – naturally.

For lunch and dinner you can make your own salad from the following vegetarian ingredients: lamb’s lettuce, spinach, pasta, couscous, avocado, carrot, tomato, cucumber, apple, banana, goat cheese, pear, different types of cheese, toasted corn, pistachios, plums, dates, sun dried tomatoes, sunflower or pumpkin seeds. There are several dressings to select from including fruit vinaigrette; oil, vinegar and salt; mustard sauce or balsamic and honey.

Salads cost €8.50 and you can select as many ingredients as you want. They also have some recommended blends although all seem to contain meat or fish.

Noviembre also have sandwiches that you can create yourself using different types of breads, fillings and dressings. Each costs €5.50.

They have home made cakes and serve organic wines.

Noviembre is a cool tranquil place to chill out with a cup of internet and a juice and/or salad, or perhaps  something dirtier. Very modern and trendy.


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