Now Be Yoga – English yoga classes in Sitges, Catalonia

yoga on the beach at sundown


If you are looking for yoga classes in Sitges but haven’t quite grasped sufficient Castillano or Catalan to enable you to follow a local class, then Now Be Yoga might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Classes are held in a private studio by a registered English yoga teacher called Jo Kemp. Jo studied yoga in India and then trained with Godfrey Devereaux

You can take classes in small groups or pay for one-to-one tuition if you’re feeling a bit flush or have stolen someone else’s credit card and don’t believe in karma.

Jo also holds retreats and workshops such as a yoga and superfood retreat in nearby Olivella – which costs from €250 including accommodation, classes and food.

Regular classes are held from Monday to Saturday from 10am. See the online schedule here for more info, class details and prices.

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