Observing the Little Details


There is something very cute and loveable about Spain and its culture. Family life is a big priority as is having a good time. In fact the Spanish generally don’t need an excuse to have a good time, it just comes naturally to them.  

There is an effortless beauty to the lifestyle and the country which extends to all aspects of their ways. Spanish men hug and kiss in the street, or dance like nobody is watching whereas an English man will generally shy from contact with another man and would rather occupy standing space at the edge of the dance floor, like a seedy vulture eagerly watching the backsides of women as they cavort to bad music, hoping that enough alcohol will render them immune to their lack of charm.  

That lack of self-consciousness seeps into the very fabric of Spain and can be witnessed in every city, town or village you may visit. 




That cuteness was summed up by a few things I spotted in and around Sitges and ranges from hand painted tiled for street signs and information plaques next to the age old cannons, to the well maintained and much loved church door with all its fine carving and detail.  

The side door of the Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla (the lovely old church on the seafront) is a wonderful example of Moorish influence and the carving work is incredible. Oddly, however, this excellent chunk of wood is not uncommon in Spain and it seems that their grip on religion and family values means that many wonders have remained intact and well loved.  



The hand painted street signs are another warming sight and an infinitely better prospect than the soulless black and white things with reflective backgrounds that we find in England. Spain it seems, is happy to maintain its character and I for one celebrate that notion.  

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