Oli Sal olive oil boutique – Gracia, Barcelona

Oli Sal olive oil shop - Barcelona

Oli Sal
Travessera de Gracia, 70


Oli Sal is a specialist boutique in Barcelona’s Gracia where you can buy from a large range of olive oils, olive oil based products, vinegars and salts and artisan made gifts.

If you buy your olive oil in vats and go for the cheapest you probably won’t be much bothered with Oli Sal but if you appreciate that the quality of the olive oil is of the utmost importance when preparing a sensational salad dressing or whatever shit you’re making, then you might be more interested in what Oli Sal has to offer. Even if you’re a dirty commoner who buys the cheapest olive oil-in-vats , there are some beautiful gifts here if you have foodie lovers in your life with far more class than what you could ever have.

One of the cool things about Oli Sal is that you can buy your oils in different measurements and vessels. For example, the organic olive oil from Murcia can be purchased in a 250ml bottle, a 2000ml demijohn, a 3000ml demijohn or a 5000ml demijohn. A great buy for the hardcore health food fanatic and a work out on the way home.

There is a good choice of organic oils such as the Casa Hierro which comes in a 500ml bottle and costs a reasonable 16 euros.

The excellent website for Oli Sal also offers an online shop and is available in English. The site includes plenty of information about each oil including what kind of trees and soil they were grown in, the typical yield of each tree and the type of processing used to harvest the fruit. It also suggests ideal pairings for each oil and an intriguing tasting report that makes you realise that people take their olive oil very seriously indeed.

If buying from the online Oli Sal shop you can get your items shipped to the EU, Monaco and throughout Spain.

I’m by no means a connoisseur but I do like a good quality olive oil, me, and Oli Sol is where I go to get some.


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